DeJuan Ellis Moves From Quarterback to Wide Receiver

DeJuan Ellis Moves From Quarterback to Wide Receiver

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Aug 20, 2018

When DeJuan Ellis committed to Virginia Tech, many wondered if Ellis had the size to be a quarterback for VT with many believing a position change to WR or CB would be best given his athleticism. However, the Hokies were committed to giving Ellis a fair shot at quarterback. Now, the Hokies have decided to move Ellis to a position where his future is likely brighter. Virginia Tech has moved DeJuan Ellis from quarterback to wide receiver according to Virginia Tech's online roster. Ellis is the second freshman to change positions after Joe Kane moved from defensive tackle to the offensive line this past spring. At his size, Ellis is likely to primarily work in the slot, but the Washington D.C. area native has the ideal speed and acceleration for a slot receiver. Given the timing of this move, it would be surprising to see Ellis play early in the season. However, Ellis is a perfect candidate to take advantage of new redshirt rule that allows players to play no more than four games without consequence, opening the door for Ellis to play down the closing stretch of the season after spending some time developing at the position. In addition, Ellis could be a guy to contend for the punt returning job now that he is no longer working at quarterback.

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

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