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Four-Star WR Keylen Adams Discusses His "Great Time" at Virginia Tech

Keylen Adams 3 June 2022 VT Visit

The biggest name on campus this past weekend was four-star WR Keylen Adams out of Virginia Beach who is arguably the top overall target for the Hokies in the 2024 class. The good news for the Hokies is that his visit went quite well as he told us.

"It was good, I had a great time," Adams said.

He had this to say about why it was a great time for him.

"I got to talk to most of the coaches, took flicks with the guys, and watched the basketball game," Adams said.

His visit including spending time with head coach Brent Pry, WRs coach Fontel Mines, and strength & conditioning coach Dwight Galt IV. He had this to say about his time and conversations with Pry.

"It was good. We really just talked about the day that I had there, and he was telling me and my family how much of an impact I would make at Tech," Adams said.

He had this to say about his time and conversations with Fontel Mines.

"We talked about the new QB and some other QBs that they are recruiting. We talked about the WR room and how I would fit in and impact the team," Adams said.

He had this to say about his time and conversations with Dwight Galt.

"We were talking about how their workout schedule is during the season and during the offseason. I also asked him how to gain more weight so he brought in the nutritionist to help breakdown the different foods and drinks that will help me gain weight," Adams said.

This visit came after Adams took a pair of trips to Miami and Penn State on the prior weekends. Those two plus the Hokies look like early frontrunners in his recruitment with Tech looking to make a big statement on their resurgence in the Commonwealth on the recruiting trail while PSU hopes Adams can be a big piece in their class.

So with all that said, how did this visit impact his recruitment and where Virginia Tech stands in it?

"It showed me how much Tech really wants me. Every time I talk to them or go on campus, they show me more and more how much they want and need me," Adams said.

Virginia Tech made another strong impression on four-star WR Keylen Adams with Tech making it clear that Adams is one of their top overall priorities in the 2024 class.

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