Hokie Hoops Weekly: Justin Robinson - The Ideal Floor General

By: Robert Irby | @Rob_Irby | Dec 16, 2017
As any big basketball fan could tell you, the presence of a strong point guard is essential to any team’s success. In the NBA, nearly all playoff-caliber teams have an elite floor general. The same goes for college basketball. That's why Virginia Tech point guard Justin Robinson has been a key part in the Hokies’ 9-1 start. Robinson is a fan favorite and a role model for the younger players on the team. Not only is he skilled with a ball, he is also adored by Buzz Williams for his hustle. Few players fly (sometimes literally) around the court the way Robinson does. He may only be a junior, but it is obvious that when Robinson is on the floor, it’s his team. The stats don’t lie either. While not being a huge scoring threat with just under 10 points per game in 26 minutes, he averages 5.8 assists per game. That puts him in the top 40 nationally at number 36. The next highest Hokie on that list is Chris Clarke with 3.5 per game, so Robinson is clearly the most prolific passer on the team. There are even more stats that show his efficiency with his passing. He averages 8.9 assists per 40 minutes, and has a 2.52 assist-to-turnover ratio, both are top 30 nationally. Clearly, Robinson is one of the best passers in the nation. One thing that stands out about Robinson to Hokie fans is his pure speed. He is a phenomenal athlete with a knack for outrunning opponents. He also has quite a bit of leaping ability, as seen in this video of him in warmups: https://twitter.com/5Alive_/status/930483173980549121 Robinson also possesses elite defensive skill. He is one of the better defenders on the team, and perhaps the best in the starting lineup. His quickness allows him to make getting steals look easy, as he averages 1.9 steals per game. Having a defender like Robinson in the starting lineup is key, as that lineup is more suited for offensive output. Many of the Hokies’ best defenders, like Devin Wilson, Chris Clarke and Wabissa Bede, come off the bench. However, Robinson makes up for their limited playing time by stepping up for most of the game. Fans also get excited whenever he touches the ball, as his skill and athleticism are a highlight play waiting to happen. His ball handling is elite and perhaps the best on the team. Few players in the country can cross up defenders like this: https://twitter.com/Hokie_Hoops/status/935982211236589568 From the time he has arrived in Blacksburg, Robinson has been a highly influential player. He earned his first start in just his second game as a Hokie in the 2015-16 season, and from there he has never looked back. When former guard Seth Allen joined the team via transfer, many fans thought he was the point guard of the future. However, once Robinson cracked the starting lineup, he instantly became the floor general, while Allen moved to shooting guard. This just goes to show how much trust Williams has had in his point guard from the very start. That trust has grown into a true leadership role for Justin Robinson this season. “I’m a little slower to get into the huddle thus far this season, because I think those are good reps for (Robinson),” Buzz Williams said of his point guard (via Collegiate Times) Williams knows that when Robinson talks, other players listen. He is willing to allow Robinson to lead his teammates, something that no other player has gotten to do since Williams arrived at VT. Justin Robinson has answered the call and hasn’t stopped growing. In a time in which quality floor generals are essential to a team’s success, Robinson has been everything the Hokies have needed.

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