Hokies Football: C.J. Reavis Loses Appeal, Remains Dismissed From Virginia Tech

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomas1996 | Jul 29, 2015
A few weeks ago, we learned that C.J. Reavis had been dismissed from Virginia Tech after a decision made by the student conduct committee. The news surprised just about everybody as it came completely out of nowhere. In the aftermath of that decision, Reavis stayed quiet and even deleted all of his tweets to make people a little suspicious about what may have happened. However, Reavis's attorney Jimmy Turk said that the decision was wrong, and that he planned on appealing the decision to the student conduct committee. The duo was able to bring new evidence to the table that made them eligible to make this appeal to the student conduct committee. However, the appeal was unsuccessful for Reavis and Turk. https://twitter.com/AndyBitterVT/status/626457456516968449 This decision does not seem to be too big of a surprise though it is unknown why Reavis was dismissed from the university in the first place. However, Turk was very angry with the decision by the student conduct committee and reiterated that this is not a criminal issue. However, Turk has said that he will consult the Reavis family on taking legal action whether that be against individuals involved in the decision or the university as a whole. https://twitter.com/AndyBitterVT/status/626459812642070528 https://twitter.com/AndyBitterVT/status/626459337138008064 https://twitter.com/AndyBitterVT/status/626459514850684928 https://twitter.com/normwood/status/626480108593913856 https://twitter.com/normwood/status/626480341373579265 The reason for Reavis's dismissal is still unknown though we will most likely find out why Reavis was dismissed if legal action is taken in this case. If not, then we will proabably never know why Reavis was dismissed from Virginia Tech. No Hokie fans should be expecting Reavis to return to Virginia Tech even if legal action was successful at giving him the chance to do that. However, don't be surprised if Reavis goes to a junior college for a year and then goes to another major FBS program for a couple of seasons as long as the reason for his dismissal is not too severe.