Hokies Football: Devin Wilson Will Make An Impact In the Fall

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomas1996 | Apr 29, 2016
Not long after spring practice started, news broke that the Virginia Tech Hokies would gain a new addition to their wide receiving corps for the spring in point guard Devin Wilson. Wilson came out of high school as a dual-sport athlete who had a few offers to play football at the collegiate level including one from N.C. State. When Wilson first walked on to the football team, there were no expectations for Wilson since he hadn't played football since high school and with the fact that there was a good chance that he would not stay with the team beyond the spring. However, Wilson showed in the Spring Game that he'll be around for the long haul this season and be ready to make a difference. Wilson is still fairly raw as a wide receiver, but what showed is that he has the ability to get separation over the middle or on the edges. Wilson also showed plenty of speed that could make him a dangerous threat over the middle as someone that also has the size to box out safeties to give himself a good play on the ball. Unlike Divine Deablo who showed lots of promise on Saturday, Wilson did not have a single drop with the only thing that was maybe close to a drop being a heavily contested pass that was not well thrown for him. Otherwise, Wilson's hands look unsurprisingly solid while his time on the basketball court has helped him developed very good ball skills. As a route runner, Wilson is still knocking off the rust, but it seems like he will be a solid overall route runner by the time the Hokies kick off the season against Liberty. Wilson also may have a learning curve with knowing the offense as someone who hasn't had to study football plays in years, but the fact of the matter is Wilson has had to run an offense on the basketball court and has the smarts to adapt quickly. Devin Wilson has said that he hopes to stay on the roster but if he has any worries about being able to play in the fall, he shouldn't after this spring.