Hokies Football: Like Any Freshman Quarterback, Dwayne Lawson Needs More Practice

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomas1996 | Aug 26, 2015
There may not be a freshman that has received as much hype within the last few years as Dwayne Lawson, even with other five-star recruits that have come to Virginia Tech like Kendall Fuller and Tim Settle. The Hokies have seen their quarterback talent fall to some very low depths, forcing them to go after transfer Michael Brewer after the graduation of Logan Thomas. Hokie Nation now believes that Virginia Tech is headed back to national prominence with another great run coming in the next few years. One of the biggest reasons for that is the freshman Lawson. Lawson has already plenty of comparisons to Tyrod Taylor as another great athlete at the quarterback with tremendous size and a big arm. Lawson also brings a solid amount of accuracy, and is ready to work and compete to get as much playing time as soon as possible. It has already become clear that Lawson will definitely be the starting quarterback for the Hokies in 2016 unless something crazy happens between now and then. Lawson may be able to press and take the job from Brewer similar to what happened at Clemson with Deshaun Watson taking the job from Cole Stoudt in the middle of fall after arriving in August. Lawson showed that he can make some big plays whether it would be with accurate throws over the top of the defense or big runs as a speedy athlete with great size and strength at 6'6'' and 222 pounds. There is no doubt that Dwayne Lawson should be a great quarterback for the Hokies but right now, he needs more practice time. Yes, Lawson has shown a lot of potential, but Lawson has only been with the Hokies since earlier this month. Lawson showed that he still needs time to adjust to the speed of the collegiate level, and that he still needs time to adjust to the nuances of Scot Loeffler's offense even if his high school offensive coordinator is now the Hokies' Offensive Quality Control Assistant. In Saturday's scrimmage, it was clear that Lawson still has a limited playbook with Loeffler that should expand over the course of the season. Lawson made some good throws, but also showed that he still has some collegiate adjusting and developing to do. Now this isn't to say that Lawson won't be able to earn the starting job, or won't be ready to start this fall. However, Lawson is not ready to be the starter right now, and should not be the guy starting in 12 days at Lane Stadium. Like any quarterback coming from high school to college, Dwayne Lawson needs some time to adjust and make some improvements. Lawson is going to be really good, but Hokie fans need to be prepared to be patient and give him some more practice time to become the star many project him to become.