DT J'Bril Glaze Will Transfer Away From Virginia Tech

DT J'Bril Glaze Will Transfer Away From Virginia Tech

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Apr 18, 2018

With talented incoming DT Cam Goode set to arrive in the summer, this spring brought an increased amount of pressure for some of the defensive tackles behind Ricky Walker, Vinny Mihota, and Jarrod Hewitt on the depth chart. Guys like Xavier Burke, Darius Fullwood, Jimmie Taylor, and J'Bril Glaze were among those looking to move up the DT depth chart ahead of Cam Goode's summer arrival with Burke having a strong spring. Today, one of those DTs decided to transfer after struggling to move up the depth chart this spring. https://twitter.com/Bril59_/status/986328397000380416 Defensive tackle J'Bril Glaze announced today that he will be transferring away from Virginia Tech. Glaze did not play this past season and should have at least three years of eligibility remaining wherever he transfers. Given the fact that his name was rarely mentioned among those at defensive tackle, this news doesn't seem too surprising. In addition to being buried on the depth chart, Glaze was also starting to be recruited over with Cam Goode's pending arrival this summer. Glaze's departure is probably best for both sides as Glaze's departure gives him a chance to transfer to a Group of 5 or smaller power 5 school where he is more likely to play and will have a chance to develop while having to sit out. The Hokies will now have an open scholarship that should prove valuable in their 2019 recruiting, and could allow Justin Fuente to bring in a grad transfer to add depth or elsewhere, or give a scholarship to a senior walk-on. All signs point towards this being a mutual parting as Glaze gets a chance to find a place where he can play while the Hokies gain a valuable extra scholarship from Glaze's decision to transfer. We wish J'Bril Glaze the best in his future endeavors.

Photo Credit: Trey Hamby

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