Justin Fuente Approves of NCAA Redshirt Policy Change

Justin Fuente Approves of NCAA Redshirt Policy Change

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Jun 13, 2018

Earlier today, the NCAA announced that college football players would be able to play in up to four games without losing a year of eligibility. https://twitter.com/NCAA/status/1006940975569276928 This change in the NCAA's redshirt policy has received plenty of positive reviews including from Justin Fuente who had this to say in a statement tweeted out by Virginia Tech Football. https://twitter.com/VT_Football/status/1006964134934663176 While Fuente has had questions and concerns about some recent NCAA rule changes, Fuente is quite supportive of this change to the NCAA's redshirt policy. Talk about this change to the NCAA's redshirt policy has been happening for a while now especially after some players who declared for the NFL Draft started skipping their teams' bowl games. Across the board, this is a popular rule change among coaches and players as it opens the door for coaches to get young, redshirting players some playing time in blowouts or bowl games, allowing them to gain valuable game experience. In addition, coaches have the options to play a redshirted player late in the season if injuries force their hand without that player losing eligibility as long as they play in no more than 4 games. While the NCAA has made some controversial decisions, this is one rule change that will receive praise across the board.

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

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