Dwight Lester's Letter to Hokie Nation

By: Dwight Lester | @HokieHiVPI07 | Nov 17, 2017
Hokie fans, to say the last two weeks have been tough as a fan of our beloved boys in orange and maroon has been an understatement. The past two weeks have left me disgusted to the point I couldn’t even write about it. As I thought about the games, and and read what others wrote on our own site as well as others across the nation, I was confused and downright angry with some of the stuff I read. I wanted to find a way to express some thoughts of my own in a manner that would be impactful. I decided the best way was to pen an open letter to all of Hokie Nation. Dear my Orange and Maroon Brothers and Sisters, First, let me start by quoting an excellent football player in his own right and say RELAX. The sky is not falling, the football world and season are not over. A two-game losing streak and three losses over all does not mean we trash the whole team, coaching staff and athletic director for hiring the coaches. It means we lost some games, we need to get back up off the ground and get behind our team when they are down and raise our voices not in criticism but in praise. To be frank fans, we were spoiled last season. 10 wins and a birth in the ACC championship was, in my opinion, probably three years ahead of schedule. Yes it was a great feeling to be on top, but at the same time, reasonable people would see the groundwork was being laid for a winning team but the finished product was still down the road. So cue this year, fans we are excited about the prospect of how good this team was going to be because of the year before. We won 10 last year,we are definitely going to win 11-12 this year and be back in the championship game win it this year and go on to the playoffs. Yeah guys that seemed real realistic. Let’s face it, this is the team we should have been last year, blowing the bad teams out, losing to the top tier teams in the conference and probably losing to one or two ( yes two teams) we shouldn’t. I had said it all along that I thought we would be better on offense because of Fuente’s reputation, but my goals for the first few seasons was to continue the bowl streak and beat UVA. In my book. the coaching has been great, a seamless transition from the old guard to the new regime while all the time keeping the old traditions alive as well as honoring the past. So now to hear fan rumblings that we should fire Fuente or hope he takes one of the attractive coaching openings is complete madness. First of all, who are we going to get that is better? Guys Nick Saben is not walking through the door neither is Urban Meyer or Bob Stoops. Next, are we really considering this in year two. Are we such a powerhouse that if we don’t win a championship the season is a failure? Last time I checked, 10 wins was amazing and another season where we have an opportunity to win 10 games again was ideal. Now don’t get me wrong, I still was disappointed in how the Georgia Tech game ended but it doesn’t mean I was ready to blow the whole thing up. I have watched Hokie football since I was 5 people, I’m 33 now do the math. I have been here at the lows and I was there for the highs. Believe me folks, this season and last feels familiar. Familiar in the since this was the how the Hokies played in the seasons right before the national championship run and the seasons right after. The future is so bright fans, I know right now it might seem a bit dimmer losing two two top ten teams and then laying an egg against a team we should have beaten. The injuries are frustrating and seem to be season killers but I believe in Fuente and Foster. I believe in this team and their resilience to adversity. The players never quit and to have them tweeting out about how fans are negatively saying the season is over could result in them quitting early in games. Never should a player feel like the fans are not behind them. Join me folks be the fans this team deserves. Be the fans we should be rabid and loud. Send the seniors out with a positive lasting memory of Lane Stadium. Don’t be spoiled and expect things we shouldn’t. Understand this coaching staff is building something special, it just takes some time. Above all have fun and be passionate about the Hokies in all situations, and just RELAX. If you can’t do these things, go be an Alabama fan, I’m sure someone can find you a seat on their bandwagon. Sincerely, A orange and maroon bleeding, lunch pail carrying, key waving, Hokie to the core

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