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Michigan State CB Commit Jaylen Thompson Cancels Virginia Tech Official Visit

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Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

Michigan State CB commit Jaylen Thompson has told us that he has "canceled" his official visit to Virginia Tech. This comes days after Virginia Tech sent Shawn Quinn to visit him in Tennessee in a visit that went well as Thompson discussed with us here.

Thompson also said that the decision was "mutual" and that he is now "locked in" to Michigan State.

The news is a little surprising to say the least as the Hokies seemed to be looking for another cornerback following the decision of Marcellus Barnes Jr to decommit from the Hokies. There's also not another name on my radar outside of maybe Minnesota DB commit Zahir Rainer, but it never felt like Tech didn't have room for both if both wanted in.

This wasn't some last minute rushed push that Tech had decided to make to try to get his commitment, but had been going on for seemingly months since offering him early this fall. It's a little odd that this would change now because the push continued throughout the fall even after the coaching staff would have received midseason tape to evaluate him further.

So let's dive into what changed from our previous update a little more for our TLP Insiders.

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