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Mike Young Backs ACC Coaches' Proposal For Full D1 2021 NCAA Tournament

Photo Credit: Liam Sment

After news broke this morning that the men's basketball coaches in the ACC had endorsed a proposal for every Division I team to make the 2021 NCAA Tournament, coaches have slowly stated their public support for it today. Virginia Tech's Mike Young joined that group this afternoon in endorsing the plan.

Here's the statement that Mike Young made.

"Our league's head coaches stand united in the belief that all schools should have an opportunity to compete in this year's NCAA Tournament. We are living through a tumultuous time and it is our belief that an NCAA Tournament inclusive of all schools would be great for the game. As ACC coaches, we are committed to doing what is best to support our student-athletes, our institutions, our fans, and the game of college basketball."

When the news broke earlier today, there was plenty of push back as it appears clear that there isn't much public support for this idea at least at the moment. There are also plenty of logistical challenges to staging a full-Division I NCAA Tournament that would likely require several large bubbles to safely and successfully pull off.

However, the fact that the coaches from the best conference in the country have endorsed this idea is significant to its hope.

If it were to come to fruition, it would mean that Virginia Tech would extend its streak of consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances to four, the longest in program history.

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