Scouting Report on Three-Star Virginia Tech DL Commit J'Bril Glaze

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP | Jan 16, 2017
[caption id="attachment_4861" align="aligncenter" width="700"]J'Bril Glaze would be much better off at DT than DE. [Credit: Harley Taylor] J'Bril Glaze would be much better off at DT than DE. [Credit: Harley Taylor][/caption]When J'Bril Glaze decommitted from South Florida, not many expected Virginia Tech to get involved with the Hokies having plenty of high priority defensive linemen targets on their board. However, the Hokies got back involved with Glaze's recruitment and in the end, Virginia Tech was able to gain a commitment from the three-star defensive lineman from Tampa. For many on the outside, the commitment from Glaze was a surprise, but that wasn't the case for the Hokies' coaches. J'Bril Glaze was an interesting get for the Hokies as someone who had a good amount of power 5 offers, but not necessarily that many commitable power 5 offers. On top of that, he first committed to stay close to home with Willie Taggart and USF as the departure of Taggart put him back in play for the Hokies and a host of other schools. Glaze is definitely an interesting pickup for the Hokies as someone who could end up at DE or DT though DT seems much more likely especially with the Hokies being in good shape for a few high priority DE targets along with not having a true DT commit. Of course, Glaze could end up staying at DE, but it wouldn't be surprising if he quickly is shifted inside from DE to DT given the lack of Hokies' commits at DT. Glaze will have to bulk up some to move inside as he currently around 6'3'' and 255 pounds, but Glaze definitely seems like someone who could bulk up to around 280 to 290 pounds. Of course, that type of growth may take a little time, but Glaze may have the frame to do that especially if he can shed some bad weight and add some more muscle. Right now, Glaze is more of a power rusher that won't be known as a speed rusher while also currently not having much in terms of finesse moves. Glaze is fairly raw in a lot of ways for a defensive lineman as someone who still has a lot to learn about using his hands and arm to help shed blockers and get into the backfield. Glaze isn't the fastest guy but his speed projects to be decent for a defensive tackle while his acceleration isn't bad and at times allows him to get back in some plays and make a couple extra tackles that some defensive tackles probably couldn't make. Glaze's athleticism is average at best, but he definitely isn't afraid of playing physical in the trenches and that is something that you want in a defensive tackle battling in the trenches. Glaze is also effective Overall, Glaze is a raw defensive line prospect that will have to adapt to working on the inside as someone whose style and speed makes a move to DT make the most sense. While Glaze may start out working at defensive end, I would expect that to last for no more than a week or two before Charley Wiles moves him inside if it even lasts that long. In the long run, it may take a couple of years for Glaze to break the two-deep at DT with Ricky Walker, Tim Settle, and Steve Sobczak all locked in and Jarrod Hewitt and Darius Fullwood being there at the fourth DT spot. Glaze could also be a candidate to move to the offensive line in a year or two if he gets buried on the depth chart at DT with Wyatt Teller, Wade Hansen, and Yosuah Nijman all being recent examples of guys who started on the defensive line and successfully moved across. Glaze is definitely a project that has a lot of potential to be a quality, power-rushing DT but it will be of the utmost importance for him to bulk up to around 290-300 pounds to be able to be productive in the middle as someone who doesn't fit the Woody Baron mold as a more athletic DT that can afford to be a little smaller and still productive. J'Bril Glaze is very likely going to be a redshirt next fall and will be an interesting prospect who would definitely be best off playing DT and not DE at the collegiate level.

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