Suspended VT LB Tavante Beckett's Felony Charge Dropped to Misdemeanor

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP | Dec 07, 2017
In mid-September, LB Tavante Beckett was suspended indefinitely after being charged with a felony and misdemeanor, both related to marijuana. Beckett went to court and had his case closed in a way that opens the door for his return to the VT football team. According to Beckett's attorney Jimmy Turk via Andy Bitter of the Roanoke Times, Beckett's felony charge was dropped down to a misdemeanor, and he was give 100 hours of community service. The charges will also be dropped in a year if Beckett completes the 100 hours of court-assigned community service. With the felony charge being dropped, it likely opens a door for Beckett to return to the Virginia Tech football team. However, it's not a guarantee Beckett will be back with the team this spring or even next season as he will likely have to earn back the trust of Justin Fuente. Beckett will also have a decision to make as since he isn't enrolled at Virginia Tech, he could decide to transfer elsewhere, likely to a school closer to home in the 757. It remains to be seen at this point if he will decide to come back to VT or look for a fresh start elsewhere. If Beckett does return to the Virginia Tech football team, he will have a great chance at becoming the starting mike linebacker. Before his suspension, Beckett was the top backup at mike LB behind Andrew Motuapuaka and would likely have a great opportunity to win the soon to be open job. Beckett will have some competition from Rayshard Ashby who has played a lot on special teams and has received praise from Bud Foster this fall. Today's news opens the door a little for Tavante Beckett to return to the Virginia Tech football team in the spring. If he does choose to pursue that, he will likely still have some trust to earn back from Justin Fuente and his staff.

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