The 2016 Tech Lunch Pail Top 10 Hokies: #1 Isaiah Ford

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP | Jan 07, 2017
[caption id="attachment_4715" align="aligncenter" width="700"]The greatest WR in Virginia Tech history is number 1 in our countdown. [Credit: Harley Taylor] The greatest WR in Virginia Tech history is number 1 in our countdown. [Credit: Harley Taylor][/caption]Our countdown of the top 10 Hokies wraps up with our number 1 player who has been the Hokies' number 1 wide receiver for all three years of his collegiate career in Blacksburg and will go down as the greatest wide receiver in program history. That man is Isaiah Ford. Isaiah Ford is the number 1 player in our countdown of the top 10 Hokies after having another record-setting season in which he broke all three major Virginia Tech career receiving records (receptions, receiving yards, receiving TDs) plus broke his single-season receptions record. Ford was once again a star for the Hokies on his way to a Second Team All-ACC season in which he was snubbed from the First Team as he had 79 receptions for 1,094 receiving yards, 7 touchdowns, and an average of 13.8 yards per reception. Ford had plenty of big games and was consistent with 4 receptions in all but one game which came in Hurricane Matthew at North Carolina with the hurricane and a minor ankle injury slowing him down that day. Ford also had at least 80 receiving yards in 8 of his 14 games while he only had two games of less than 50 receiving yards with none against North Carolina and 46 receiving yards against Miami. Ford hasn't always had the best first halves but by the end of the game, you can bet that Ford has made an impact as there was no cornerback in America that was able to shut him down while it also seemed that he could catch everything. Ford became a fan favorite in his time in Blacksburg not only because of his amazing plays but also because of his high character and how he became one of the most well-liked players by fans and media on and off the field. Ford is going to be a great addition to any NFL locker room and has left a tremendous legacy in Blacksburg. However, the biggest part of Ford's legacy will come from the fact that Ford is undoubtedly the Hokies' best wide receiver statistically in program history. Ford was able to comfortably break the records for receiving yards, receptions, and receiving touchdowns with the receiving touchdowns record having a chance to stand for a while though the receptions record will definitely be in danger and the receiving yards record could also be. Isaiah Ford was a star for the Hokies over the past three years and not only will go down as the greatest wide receiver in program history but also is deservingly number 1 in our countdown of the top 10 Hokies from the 2016 season.

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