The 2016 Tech Lunch Pail Top 10 Hokies: #6 Sam Rogers

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP | Jan 07, 2017
[caption id="attachment_4859" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Sam Rogers comes in at number 6 on our top 10 countdown. [Credit: Harley Taylor] Sam Rogers comes in at number 6 on our top 10 countdown. [Credit: Harley Taylor][/caption]Our countdown of the top 10 Hokies from the 2016 season continues on as we move to our number 6 Hokie who has been a Swiss army knife for the Hokies along with being the leader and the ultimate Hokie on and off the field. That man is Sam Rogers. As we said above, Rogers was the Swiss army knife for the Hokies this season as he had 67 carries for 283 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns while also having 24 catches for 301 receiving yards and 4 receiving touchdown. On top of that, Rogers was commonly used on passing downs whether it be as a receiver or to stay in the backfield as the Hokies' best blocking running back. Rogers did it all for the Hokies and was valuable just about wherever they put him doing the little things quite well including helping VT kick returners make smart decisions whether to take a return out of the end zone or not, or making that critical block to help out Jerod Evans, Travon McMillian, or someone else. Rogers did all the little things well while being a legitimate threat not only as a bulldozer on the ground with a relentless fight but also a unique weapon out of the backfield or the slot in the passing game that got those tough extra yards and made some tremendous catches. However, the biggest things with Rogers were the intangibles as Rogers was the number 1 leader on this team and led with great character, work ethic, and integrity. Rogers is the type of player that anyone who has gotten to watch him would love to see their son grow up to be like, and has deservingly become a fan favorite for being truly someone who is real and lives with great integrity and character. Rogers is a man who will do well wherever he goes after college with a long stint in the NFL likely being next for Rogers. Rogers is projected by many to be the top fullback and is very likely to be drafted on day 3 with a fifth to sixth round seeming to make the most sense for a guy like Rogers who has proven that he brings more value to the fullback spot than just being a good lead blocker for the tailback. Sam Rogers has left a legacy unlike any other as while he may not have any school records, he handled himself in a way that constantly made Virginia Tech fans proud and set an example that kids everywhere should look up to as someone who works hard, who lives with character and integrity, and as someone who loves the game of football but doesn't let football drive his life. If you could put together a team full of high character Sam Rogers-like guys, you would win a lot of championships. We're halfway through our top 10 countdown with the next 5 coming up starting at noon with number 5 in our countdown.

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