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The Tech Lunch Pail's Push for 800 Users and 80 TLP Insiders By Virginia Tech's 8PM Kickoff vs Old Dominion

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Hokies, just under a month ago, we launched our new TLP Insider subscription providing tons of in-depth sporting and recruiting content for our Insiders plus periodic Q&As with former and current Hokie greats and more. We also rolled out numerous other new features including the ability to sign up as a free user to customize the site to your interests, interact with fellow Hokies, and more; with all of those features available to our TLP Insiders.

Since then, the feedback from you, our passionate readers and massive Hokie fans, has been tremendous.

As of the writing of this story, we are almost at 500 free and paid users including over 50 TLP Insiders. To say I and the TLP team are grateful for your support would be understating it. Your support is allowing us to sustain what we've been doing and prepare to grow in ways we could not have imagined. We want to build the type of website that you want to be part of and see this as validation of what we're building.

We also want to keep growing to reach even greater heights.

So with that said, we are launching a new promotion and asking for your help as our readers and supporters of The Tech Lunch Pail.

We want to reach 800 users and 80 active TLP Insiders by the 8pm kickoff of Virginia Tech's season opener against Old Dominion. We need your help to get there as you our readers are the best promoters of the TLP to your friends, family, and fellow Hokies.

So what's in it for you?

Well if we reach at least 800 users including 80 active TLP Insiders, you could be eligible for a drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. That's based on us reaching our collective goal.

Specifically, if we reach our 80 active TLP Insiders goal, then all our Insiders will be eligible to receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card with each Insider getting 1 spot in our drawing. Additionally, if you are a TLP Insider and you get someone else to become a TLP Insider as well, you will get an additional 5 spots per new Insider in our drawing. For example, you'd have 6 spots instead of just one if you helped us get 1 new Insider. You must be an Insider to be eligible yourself.

All you have to do to confirm this is email after your friend becomes an Insider with the name and email of your new fellow Insider, and that will confirm your eligibility for the additional spots. You will not receive those additional spots in our giveaway if you do not do that.

For the 800 total users goal, anyone who gets a friend to at least sign up as a user and confirms their name and email to will receive 1 spot per user they sign up. If you get them to sign up and they do so as a TLP Insider, you will get 5 spots in the drawing for that user instead of just 1. You must be a user yourself to be eligible for this. Unlike the Insider goal, all users are not automatically eligible.

Once again, you must confirm your friend with their name and email signing up to for either giveaway promotion. You will not get credit if you do not follow that. You do not get credit for signing up yourself as a free user.

Founder and editor Tim Thomas will perform this drawing using some sort of randomized process to be determined if one or both of those goals are met by the time Virginia Tech kicks off against Old Dominion on September 2nd. Each drawing will be done following September 2nd with the winners being informed as soon as the drawing is complete. The gift cards will be sent to their user email.

Hokies, we are so grateful for your support of The Tech Lunch Pail! Now let's get to at least 800 users including 80 TLP Insiders by Virginia Tech's 8pm kickoff vs Old Dominion! Check out the sign up link below.

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