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Three Offensive Takeaways From Virginia Tech's 36-17 Victory Over Old Dominion

Ali Jennings 2 VT ODU 2023 From VT
Photo Credit: Virginia Tech Athletics

After a slow offensive start, Virginia Tech's offense came alive in the second and third quarters to help lead the Hokies to a 36-17 season-opening victory over Old Dominion. It was the most points scored by the Hokies during Brent Pry's tenure to date and could have been even more if not for some disappointing playcalling and execution on multiple drives inside the 10.

So with that said, here are my takeaways from the Hokies' highest-scoring performance of the Brent Pry era to date.

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Gerald R Grubbs

NO OL will succeed when you run between the tackles into what is in essence a 4-4 stacked defense. ODU spread the field not to create an Air Raid offense but to open space for the RBs. And it worked quite well. It just will not work to pack our 6 300 Lb guys against their seven or eight 300 lb guys, all within a 3 yard by 8 yard box and then plow the RB right into the pile. Didn't last year, won't this year. You have quick slot receivers. How about more slants and quick passes; roll the QB to hit a quick pass into the flat. But don't run head on into a mass of 10-12 300 lb bodies. Allow the QB to audible when he comes to the LOS and sees the looming disaster. I guarantee Wells walked up to the LOS a couple of times last night on 3rd and 2 / 4th and 1, saw the defensive alignment and KNEW the called play was unlikely to succeed, but he had no choice but to run it anyway. Hope Pry and Bowen see this, and see that blaming the OL is easy, but wrong.

Tim ThomasGerald R Grubbs

I agree that some of the blame is on Bowen but the OL has to be better with their run blocking against an ODU that lost maybe their best DL to targeting early in the game. I also wonder about 2 things about Tech's approach to this game. First, you wonder how vanilla Tech tried to keep things knowing their talent advantage over ODU and trying not to show their full playbook before their next stretch with Purdue and Rutgers. Also felt like Bowen went full run late when the game was out of hand in part to try to get some momentum for the rushing attack and build some confidence given the rough night Tech had on the ground (which I'm not sure there was much to feel great about in that portion either).

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