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Three-Star DL Hank Weber Enjoys His Virginia Tech Visit

Hank Weber VT Visit March 2023

Among the talented recruits at Virginia Tech this past weekend was three-star DL Hank Weber out of Brentwood, TN. Weber's visit went well as he shared with us.

"i liked it a lot. All the people i met and talked to were super hospitable," Weber said.

He added this on why he liked his visit to VT a lot.

"I like how it felt like a big family. Everyone was super nice, but they also were intense when needed. I liked that a lot," Weber said.

So what did he do during his visit to Virginia Tech?

"It was a fun day! I got to sit in some meetings and watch practice. I also did a photo shoot, ate lunch, and talked to a lot of coaches," Weber said.

He specifically got to be in Tech's team meeting and in the DL position meeting. He had this to say about what it was like being in the team meeting.

"It was really cool. I liked the energy in the meeting," Weber said.

He had this to say about his experience in the DL position meeting.

"It’s cool to see Coach (J.C.) Price’s interaction with the players. He seems like a very personable coach, and all of the guys seem to like him. Definitely something that i’m looking to be apart of," Weber said.

He had this to say about how his time and conversations with J.C. Price were as a whole.

"Watching him coach was really cool. You can tell he knows the game of football. He was really nice when i got to talk to him, and seemed funny as well," Weber said.

He also spent plenty of time with one of his primary recruiters, Shawn Quinn, and had this to say about his time and conversations with Quinn.

"It was really neat. He has coached throughout Tennessee, so he understands the level of football (Brentwood Academy) is at. I appreciated that, and it made me feel very welcomed at VT. He let me know that I could be a game changer for the Hokies, and it is cool having a coach believe in you like that," Weber said.

He also spent some time with head coach Brent Pry and defensive coordinator Chris Marve with it being clear that Weber is a priority defensive line target this cycle.

So how did this visit impact his recruitment and where Virginia Tech stands in it?

"VT definitely will be up there when it’s all said and done!" Weber said.

Virginia Tech impressed three-star DL Hank Weber this past weekend emerging as a clear contender for him in the process.

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