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Three-Star LB Ethan Crisp Breaks Down His Recent Top 6 Including Virginia Tech

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Three-star LB Ethan Crisp released his top 6 just under a month ago with the talented linebacker from Tennessee including Virginia Tech along with a pair of teams that made the 2021 College Football Playoff.

The Hokies were joined by Michigan, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Missouri, and Vanderbilt in his top 6 as his list saw offers from Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Indiana, Virginia, and more miss the cut with Kansas joining his offer list after his top 6 was released.

So why did the Hokies make the top 6 for Ethan Crisp? He had this to say about that right after he released his top 6.

"First, me and my family loved Blacksburg when we visited. I had a great relationship with the old staff. I’ve continued a good relationship with the ones that have been retained and want to continue to get to know the new staff. Blacksburg is a place I could truly see myself. I was able to get the full effect when I was there for the ND game. The fans are on another level. How could you not want to be apart of that?" Crisp said.

One of Tech's top recruiting staffers Jeron Gouveia-Winslow has played a large role in maintaining contact for the Hokies with Crisp adding this on his relationship with Gouveia-Winslow which includes some connections to him.

"He’s a really cool guy. He is always keeping in touch and I enjoy talking with him!!" Crisp said. "Coach Gouv also coached my cousin when he was at Brevard"

So why did the other schools make the cut for Ethan Crisp? Let's start with what Crisp had to say about Michigan.

"I talk to Coach (Steve) Clinkscale on a regular basis. Also, Michigan in the playoffs shows the program is going in the right direction. Also, there are a few guy at Michigan that trained with NPA. That’s the organization I’m apart of here in Nashville," Crisp said.

Here's what Crisp had to say about why Cincinnati made the cut for him.

"Coach (Mike) Tressel has been building a relationship with me for a while now. Cincinnati has shown a ton of love, and with their success and move to the Big 12; it's a good place to be," Crisp said.

Here's what Crisp had to say about why Kentucky made the cut for him.

"Kentucky was one of my first offers. Similar to the others, the coaches have built great relationships," Crisp said.

Here's what Crisp had to say about why Missouri made the cut for him.

"I went to a camp there last June and was offered. Really got along with coach DJ (Smith) and we have continued to build on our relationship," Crisp said.

Here's what Crisp had to say about why Vanderbilt made the cut for him.

"Coach (Clark) Lea and Vandy was my first offer. They have worked very hard at building a relationship. They have invited me to their practices and have been to my high school several times," Crisp said.

Keep an eye on the Hokies and Ethan Crisp as Virginia Tech has some very good traction in his recruitment.

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