Virginia Tech at the 2018 NFL Combine Days 1 and 2

Virginia Tech at the 2018 NFL Combine Days 1 and 2

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Mar 02, 2018

Virginia Tech has one of their largest groups of players in recent memory at this year's NFL Combine with seven Hokies taking part. The on-field workouts have gotten under way today with Wyatt Teller going through workouts while Tremaine Edmunds and Tim Settle are just checking into Indianapolis. Here's some updates from the first two days in Indianapolis.

Wyatt Teller Takes the Field

Wyatt Teller has had a good NFL Combine so far starting by coming in with great size at 6'4'' and 311 pounds in addition to having a very good wingspan that scouts like to see. Teller showed off his strength yesterday with 30 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press, the fifth-highest total among all offensive linemen at the Combine. That number on its own should help improve Teller's stock into that 3rd-5th round range. Currently, we have Teller's 40 yard dash times which really don't tell a lot about an offensive linemen. His 10-yard splits came in at 1.85 and 1.86 while his 40 times were 5.30 and 5.24, putting him in the middle of the group. Though 40 yard dash times may not mean a lot, they do show that Teller is a solid athlete unlike Oklahoma's Orlando Brown who fastest 40 time was a 5.86 and is raising plenty of questions about his athleticism.

Update: Teller shows off athleticism outside of straight-line running

While the 40 yard dash is a good measure of speed, the broad jump is a good measure of explosiveness, something way more important for an offensive linemen who needs to have a powerful base to explode off the line when the ball is snapped. In the broad jump, Teller showed off his power and explosiveness. With the second best broad jump among offensive linemen, Teller showed that he has the explosiveness that teams will be looking for. So far, Teller has done a lot to improve his draft stock and should receive a lot more attention because of it.

Tremaine Edmunds Wows With His Measurements

Every scout knows that Tremaine Edmunds has a unique skill set that rarely comes around including impressive size. While most knew Edmunds had incredible size for a linebacker, today's measurements put more hard evidence behind that fact. Edmunds checked in at 6'4'' and 253 pounds, impressive on its own, but also came in with other great measurables including a wingspan that can be useful in blitzing situations helping to get by offensive linemen. Edmunds may already be a top 10 pick, but these measurements should solidify the opinions of those already impressed by his size. However, Edmunds will now have to live up to the hype that he started building at Virginia Tech when he goes into the weight room tomorrow and takes the field Sunday.

Tim Settle Comes in at a Good Size

One thing that has hurt Tim Settle's stock is questions about his stamina and endurance. Talent-wise, Settle is considered among the best DTs in the NFL Draft, but those endurance questions have limited his draft upside for now. However, Settle is off to a good start to answering those questions after he weighed in today. Settle came in at 329 pounds, a good weight for the former Virginia Tech DT who came to Blacksburg around 350-360 pounds. The fact that Settle has maintained this weight is a good sign that he has been responsible with his training and is showing the work ethic scouts are hoping to see. Now, Settle will have a chance to show off his athletic skills that have scouts very intrigued and could cause his draft stock to take off if he can have a big NFL Combine.

Photo Credit: Jake Roth

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