2018 Virginia Tech Bracketology Update March 5th Edition

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP | Mar 05, 2018
The final week before March Madness is upon us as Virginia Tech is hoping to continue to improve their resume well at the ACC Tournament this week. Since our last Bracketology update, the Hokies suffered a close loss to Miami in Coral Gables 69-68. The good news for the Hokies is that loss isn't a bad loss whatsoever as it falls in the quadrant 1 category and comes on the road against a Miami team that is expected to receive a higher seed than the Hokies anyway. While a win would have given VT a double bye in the ACC Tournament and pushed their seeding floor up, a loss doesn't really change much for the Hokies whatsoever. In general, the Hokies have been trending in the right direction over the past week due in part to their win over Duke and in part to the struggles of other teams. With that said, here are where some of the most well-known bracketologists currently have the Hokies projected. As you can see, the seeding consensus for Virginia Tech is around the 7-8 seed line at the moment. While the average bracket has the Hokies as an 8 seed, VT's resume has an impressive depth of high-end victories to make a case for a 7 seed with a chance to push that seeding even higher if they can go on a deep run in the ACC Tournament. The Hokies also shouldn't pick up a bad loss that could hurt their seeding with Notre Dame expected to be their ACC Tournament opponent. With Bonzie Colson now back for the Irish, a loss to them wouldn't be nearly as bad as it would have been while a win would be another solid victory that would give VT's resume some more depth and a chance to pick up another high-end resume-leading win over Duke. At this point, Virginia Tech's seeding floor appears to be a 9 seed with the ceiling around the 7 line unless the Hokies can go on a deep run. If that is the case, some of the possible first and second round destinations for the Hokies include Pittsburgh, Nashville, Wichita, and Detroit. Charlotte would be an ideal site for Hokie fans, but given the fact that top 2 seeded ACC teams will likely dominate this site, you can rule out a trip to the Tar Heel State for the Hokies.

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

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