Virginia Tech Delays Start of Spring Practice

Virginia Tech Delays Start of Spring Practice

Matthew Atkins | @mattkins21

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Mar 01, 2019

There are some changes coming to the spring practice schedule for Virginia Tech. Head coach Justin Fuente took to the podium for a press conference this week, and kicked things off by announcing the updates. “I do have a little of an announcement here,” Fuente said at the beginning of the press conference. “We’re going to push spring practice back a little bit. We were originally schedule to start Sunday, we’re going to push that back to after spring break. We’ll start on Wednesday, March 20, and there’s several reasons for that” The first thing fans might think when they hear this news is that the spring game will be delayed as well. Fuente addressed those concerns, saying that the scrimmage will still take place on April 13 as scheduled. “We’ll just practice three times after the spring game, so nothing will change there,” Fuente said. “It will still be a big scrimmage for us and we’ll have a couple days of practice after that. “We set the spring game schedule about a year in advance, so we can work it out with the university, which I think is a good thing.” As for why spring practice has been delayed, Fuente wants to make sure the team is at full strength when they begin practicing this year. He listed injuries, health, and development as focal points before beginning practice. In addition to making sure the players are ready to go, Fuente added that he wants to make sure some new members of the staff get accommodated as well. “We have several new graduate assistants who literally just got in the door, we decided to make this switch,” Fuente said. “I think we’ll be able to get maybe three or four guys that are right now kind of doing half of our stuff with us, I think they’ll be closer to full go by then.”

Photo Credit: Dave Knachel/Virginia Tech Athletics

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