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Virginia Tech Reveals 2021 Pinstripe Bowl Uniforms With Yankees Tribute

Hokie Bird 1

Virginia Tech is playing in the Pinstripe Bowl for the first time and 13.5 years after the New York Yankees came to Blacksburg to support the VT community after the 2007 shooting.

With that in mind, Virginia Tech is pulling out a throwback uniform with a special helmet tribute to the Yankees.

The Hokies will have the VT logo on one side of their helmet and the Yankees' logo on the other side of the helmet. Tech is also going with their 1999 maroon jersey throwbacks and white pants in what is a unique, one-time look for Virginia Tech as they play the final game of the brief J.C. Price era before Brent Pry fully takes over.

J.C. Price had mentioned in the lead up to this game that they wanted to find a way to do a tribute to the contributions that the New York Yankees made supporting the VT community. This certainly delivers that as it will be a cool, unique look for the VT logo to share the helmet with the Yankees logo in Yankee Stadium in Tech's first appearance in the Pinstripe Bowl.

Combining that with the popular throwback maroon jerseys may make this the jersey combination of the year for the Hokies.

Now the only question that's left is will the Hokies run out of the Yankees bullpen like the only other man who could make an Enter Sandman entrance great outside of Blacksburg, Mariano Rivera? It would be a little disappointing if that wasn't the case.

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