Virginia Tech Showing Interest in 757 CB Caymen Mills

Virginia Tech Showing Interest in 757 CB Caymen Mills
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

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Aug 18, 2020

Photo Credit: Jake Roth

Numbers may be tight, but Virginia Tech is looking at adding another cornerback with four-star Floridian Markevious Brown among the main targets. However, Brown isn't the only target on Tech's radar.

Virginia Beach cornerback Caymen Mills told us that he has been receiving interest from the Hokies with CBs coach Ryan Smith being the primary point of contact. It also hasn't taken long for Smith to leave a strong impression on Mills.

"I’ve talked to (CBs) coach (Ryan) Smith a few times. He’s a great guy. He appears to know what he’s talking about. I know he hasn’t been there long but I know those guys have a good leader in him," Mills said.

Tech's interest in Mills comes as he has seen his recruitment taken off receiving offers from Tennessee, Pittsburgh, and Hawaii while also receiving interest from South Carolina, Virginia, Boston College, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and several others.

Mills is a cornerback who has seen his recruitment have a delayed takeoff after the cancellation of spring and early summer camps followed by the resumption of a few camps in recent weeks.

That comes after Mills had a productive junior season as he told us he had 5 interceptions and only allowed 4 completions all season. That helped Mills reasonably earn All-Conference honors and make him one of the top senior defensive backs in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Of course, Mills will have to wait till the spring for the chance to build on his strong junior season, but he doesn't plan to slack off at all this fall.

"Right now, I’m training everyday so I stay fast and get bigger on my frame, make straight A’s, and keep looking for work. There are some club leagues around doing 7 on 7 so a lot of people around here are doing that right now," Mills said.

Those 7-on-7 leagues could be what Mills needs to push himself over the top for earning a Tech offer, something that would be a major game changer for him if one ends up coming.

"It would mean a lot to me honestly. I have always watched Virginia Tech over the years since I was young. I remember Tyrod Taylor and them balling, and then I started watching all of their DBs. They really do that DBU thing. It would change it a bit honestly. Either I’m going to be playing with them or against them as it stands today," Mills said.

"I could see myself playing there. I see how the crowd gets so hype at home games and getting a interception there would be crazy. Me and Lakeem (Rudolph) already shut down the best it would be the same in college and then with Armani Chatman at corner too, it wouldn’t be fair."

Clearly, the 757 ties and his childhood fandom would make a Tech offer even bigger than most for Mills.

The Hokies haven't jumped in on offering Caymen Mills yet, but an offer may not be too far away for the fast-rising 757 defensive back.