Virginia Tech Will Face Marshall On December 1st If They Beat Virginia

Virginia Tech Will Face Marshall On December 1st If They Beat Virginia

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Nov 18, 2018

After reports emerged yesterday about the possibility of a Virginia Tech-Marshall game on December 1st, the Hokies announced today that they will indeed play Marshall if certain conditions are met. If the Hokies beat Virginia on Black Friday, Virginia Tech will face Marshall at noon on December 1st in Lane Stadium. Seating will be general admission for the game with tickets costing $25 for the public and students being eligible to receive free tickets through the lottery. The move shouldn't be seen as surprising to anyone as though preserving the bowl streak is valuable to the Virginia Tech football program, what's more valuable is the possibility of gaining weeks of extra practices before heading into the offseason. That combined with the potential financial benefits of a bowl game have made this an easy decision for Virginia Tech. However, the fact that this game isn't even cheaper for fans to attend should it happen is disappointing. This was a chance, should it happen, to provide tickets for significantly cheaper than normal to give families a chance to come to Lane Stadium and reach out to fans who may typically not spend $50 or even $25 per ticket to see a game between VT and Marshall while also getting more fans into Blacksburg, helping local businesses hurt by the fact that they were unable to have one of their six Saturday games this year. Either way, all of this still depends on Virginia Tech continuing their win streak against Virginia, something that seems unlikely at this point.

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

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