#19 Virginia Tech Reveals Uniforms For Showdown With #8 North Carolina

#19 Virginia Tech Reveals Uniforms For Showdown With #8 North Carolina
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Oct 08, 2020

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

As usual, #19 Virginia Tech released their uniforms on the Thursday before their Saturday game with the Hokies going with an atypical look for their major showdown with #8 North Carolina.

The Hokies are going with white helmets, white jerseys, and orange pants. This is the first time that this specific helmet has been paired with this jersey and pants combinations, and it's also the first time we've seen a white-white-orange uniform combination during the Justin Fuente era. Speedy Raheem Blackshear had the honor of revealing Tech's uniforms through the Hokies' Twitter account.

The last time this was done in general for Virginia Tech was a now infamous game that also took place in the state of North Carolina and unlike our expectations for this game, had some serious offensive issues.

Yes, this is the first time this combination has been worn by the Hokies since the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest game where no points were scored in regulation.

This time, Tech will be hoping for a much more successful day on offense and on the scoreboard as they look to make a national statement and pick up their first victory over a top 10 team since winning at Ohio State in 2014.