Bud Foster to Give Charley Wiles a Lunch Pail After The Belk Bowl

Bud Foster to Give Charley Wiles a Lunch Pail After The Belk Bowl
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Dec 22, 2019

With Charley Wiles' tenure ending along with Bud Foster's this season, Virginia Tech's longtime defensive coordinator is honoring his longtime defensive line in a special way.

Foster will be giving Charley Wiles a Lunch Pail, in honor of his impressive tenure in Blacksburg. Wiles will be the second person to receive a Lunch Pail joining Virginia Tech Hall of Famer and new defensive assistant Darryl Tapp.

There's no doubt that Wiles was Foster's right hand man spending more than two decades in Blacksburg. Wiles' departure was undoubtedly tough on all sides with any departure like this never being easy. However, Foster's move to give Wiles a lunch pail is a worthy honor along with Foster's defense rallying to win this game for their longtime defensive line coach.

Foster also had this to say about Charley Wiles.

Both of those things show how much Foster trusted and respected Wiles, and his coaching acumen to be his right hand guy throughout the years on the defense. None of this has been to take away from Foster's praise of Justin Hamilton as the Hokies' next defensive coordinator, but rather shows how strong the relationship was between Foster and Wiles.

With Foster retiring and Wiles leaving Blacksburg, the last coaching connections to the Frank Beamer era are moving on with Foster's move being a great honor for the Hokies' longtime defensive line coach.