2021 DB De'Shawn Rucker Receives a Virginia Tech Offer

2021 DB De'Shawn Rucker Receives a Virginia Tech Offer
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Jan 13, 2020

Photo Credit: Jake Roth

As Virginia Tech has evaluated the high school tape of many top recruits, the Hokies have sent out plenty of new offers including one to 2021 DB De'Shawn Rucker.

Rucker had this to say about his reaction to receiving a Virginia Tech offer.

"I woke up and once I received the news It lifted my spirit!! Very blessed for the opportunity," Rucker said.

The Hokies became the first Power 5 school and second overall to offer Rucker joining South Alabama with Tech offering him as a defensive back. His offer list grew more later that day with Tennessee joining his offer list.

Unsurprisingly, receiving his first Power 5 offer from Virginia Tech had a big impact on his recruitment and his view of Virginia Tech.

"It makes a big impact on my recruitment. Opens my eyes a lot more on the recruiting process, and I’m ready to see the campus," Rucker said.

Looking ahead, Rucker told us that he's looking to get Virginia Tech on his schedule while he also has plans to visit Texas Tech largely because his track & field prowess.

De'Shawn Rucker has shown plenty of potential especially this past season as he had 62 tackles, 3 interceptions, 7 pass breakups, and a defensive touchdown along with having a blocked punt and a large role returning punts.

What's clear is that Rucker is very confident in his abilities both as an athlete and football player while feeling he still has more room to grow overall.

"Well I feel as if I’m the most athletic “athlete” in Tallahassee, Florida. Fast, strong, and can jump. Only weakness I have honestly is that I haven’t reached my full potential," Rucker said.

De'Shawn Rucker is a recruit on the rise with Virginia Tech ready to get involved early in his recruitment as more Power 5 schools follow the Hokies' lead.