2022 Four-Star OLB/DE Malaki Hamrick Feels "Very Close" To Receiving a Virginia Tech Offer

2022 Four-Star OLB/DE Malaki Hamrick Feels "Very Close" To Receiving a Virginia Tech Offer

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Aug 09, 2019

247 Sports released their top 100 rankings for the Class of 2022 this week with four-star OLB/DE Malaki Hamrick coming in at #41 in their ranking. Hamrick's ranking earned him a shoutout from Virginia Tech LB Dax Hollifield who played at the same Shelby HS where Hamrick currently plays. That news led to Hamrick receiving a shoutout from the Hokies' starter and former Shelby HS star. https://twitter.com/ChiefDax_25/status/1159535845600321536?s=20 Hamrick and Hollifield have built a strong relationship as well with Hamrick receiving plenty of advice from the Hokies' linebacker. "My relationship with Dax is great, he’s an inspiration to all the athletes in the county. He’s given me advice like staying humble and continuing the grind because you may be the best where you are but going to college, there’s a lot of players there that want to play so you have to work hard and be mentally tough," Hamrick said on his relationship with Dax Hollifield and the advice he's received from him. That relationship with Hollifield along with seeing the former Shelby HS succeed at Virginia Tech has increased the appeal of the Hokies for Hamrick. "It makes it very appealing. Seeing the work he’s put in and what he’s getting out of, it makes it very appealing and is also a place I can see myself playing," Hamrick said. That possibility isn't fully on the table yet, but Hamrick told us he feels close to receiving a VT offer as the Hokies are showing "a lot" of interest. "Very close, I think they just want to see me get bigger, faster, and stronger. I have done all those things so now all I have to do is grind Monday all the way till Friday when we play," Hamrick said on how close he feels an offer may be. If, and most likely when, Hamrick receives a Virginia Tech offer, it'll mean a lot because of how much of a statement it will be about his development along with making a notable impact on his recruitment. "It would mean a lot because all the things they wanted to see me improve in that I also wanted to improve in those things so it would mean a lot. It would also have a huge impact on my recruitment," Hamrick said. Part of that may be due to the relationship that Hamrick has built with TEs coach James Shibest, Hamrick's primary recruiter. Hamrick told us that he has built a really "good relationship with Shibest and that he is in contact with him "all the time." Hamrick also added that he plans to visit Virginia Tech for a game this fall which will be his first visit since visiting Blacksburg in March. Malaki Hamrick is emerging as one of the Mid-Atlantic's top 2022 recruits with a Virginia Tech offer appearing inevitable at this point.

Malaki Hamrick in the Recruiting Rankings

247 Sports ranks Malaki Hamrick as the 41st best 2022 recruit nationally, fourth best weakside defensive end, and second best recruit in the state of North Carolina.

Malaki Hamrick's Offer List (According to 247 Sports)

  • Big 12: West Virginia
  • Sun Belt: Appalachian State, Coastal Carolina

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

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