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Offensive Breakout Candidates for Virginia Tech in 2024

Benji Gosnell 1 VT ODU 2023 From VT
Photo Credit: Virginia Tech Athletics

We are less than two months away from the start of what is one of the most anticipated seasons for the Virginia Tech Football program over the past 15 seasons

After a strong finish to 2023 to clinch their first record since 2019, the Hokies carry tons of momentum into 2024 with a roster full of returning standouts. This includes an offense that really only lost one starter from last season in TE Dae’Quan Wright, with former starter Nick Gallo back to replace him after missing the 2023 season due to injury.

That does limit some of the breakout candidates for the Hokies on offense, but there are still a few names who absolutely fit the profile of that.

One popular name that’ll be thrown out is Ayden Greene, but I think it’s a year too early for him to be a top breakout candidate. Greene obviously has a lot of talent and will be very productive in his role as WR4 or 5 this season. However, it’s hard to see Greene as a breakout candidate given the fact that you have three almost certain NFL guys ahead of him on the depth chart in Jaylin Lane, Da’Quan Felton, and a healthy Ali Jennings.

However, you can almost certainly put Greene down for being on this list in 2025 as potentially WR1 for the Hokies next year.

So with that said, here are my breakout candidates for the Hokies in 2024.

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