Scouting Report on Four-Star SG Darius Maddox

Scouting Report on Four-Star SG Darius Maddox

Robert Irby | @Rob_Irby

Aug 19, 2019

On Friday night, Virginia Tech men’s basketball fans were given yet another reason to be blown away by new head coach Mike Young. One of the hottest recruiters in the country, Young got another one as top 100 2020 SG Darius Maddox committed to the Hokies Friday night. Maddox will join Joe Bamisile in a 2020 class for VT that is currently ranked tenth nationally according to 247Sports. Much like other guards that Young has recruited to VT, Maddox has a lot to bring to the table offensively. Standing at 6-4, 180 pounds, Maddox’s playing style is one centered on finesse overpower. Where Bamisile uses his strength and athleticism to overpower opponents to get to the basket, Maddox uses length, intelligence, patience, and an incredibly smooth jump shot to score. Watch on this play as Maddox patiently waits for his moment to strike. Instead of forcing the ball inside, Maddox brings it back outside. He stares the defender down and finds the perfect moment to pull his shot before the buzzer sounds. That intelligence and finesse extend into his ability to drive to the basket as well, as seen here: This play showcases Maddox’s skill. As he gets the ball at the top of the key, the defender is anticipating a shot. Because of this, Maddox sees his opportunity. He hesitates, causing the defender to react. Using this reaction, Maddox realizes he is now half a step ahead of the defender. He moves towards the basket, rotating the ball above his head to dodge the reach of the second defender on his left. After splitting the two defenders, he uses his long arms to lay the ball up before the defender can block it. Maddox’s skillset and intelligence combine to make him a very dangerous player for opponents offensively. As you watch Landers Nolley make his debut for the Hokies this season, pay attention. Maddox and Nolley are very similar players. Both players use a smooth play style and are adept at finding the right moment to score, as seen in these plays from Nolley: And these from Maddox: Nolley has an extra three inches of height than Maddox, so he has a little more versatility in what he can do offensively. That being said, their styles are incredibly similar, so as fans wait for Maddox to get to Blacksburg in 2020, they should set their expectations for him based on how Nolley fits into Young’s system this year. Defensively, Maddox’s length will allow him to get stops despite his lack of elite athleticism. 6-4 is a normal height for a shooting guard in the ACC, so Maddox will be able to use that to cover ground against most opponents when his athleticism may slow him down. Maddox has the potential to be a star in Blacksburg. Combine his talent with that of Bamisile, Nolley, Jalen Cone, John Ojiako, Hunter Cattoor, and Nahiem Alleyne, and you will see that Young is building an incredible young core in Blacksburg. The 2020 season, as it stands, could potentially see the Hokies have four of their 11 highest-rated recruits of all time on the floor together in Nolley, Bamisile, Wabissa Bede and Maddox. Young and his staff will try to keep their hot recruiting streak going over the next year. This 2020 class is not yet complete with the Hokies making the cut for a trio of highly-regarded players including four-star SF/PF Henry Coleman III, four-star C Mark Williams, and four-star PF PJ Hall who visited the Hokies this past weekend. As more dominoes fall and Young continues to build his core, we at the Tech Lunch Pail will keep you updated with all news, analysis, and scouting reports.

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

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