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Scouting Report on Virginia Tech OL Signee Kaden Moore

VT v UNC 2019 30
Photo Credit: Jake Roth

Our scouting report series on Virginia Tech's 2020 recruiting class continues with three-star OL Kaden Moore, one of Virginia Tech's two offensive line signings in the 2020 class. Below are the players that we have already covered in this series of scouting reports.

Kaden Moore committed to Bowling Green in late July of 2019 with all signs pointing towards Moore signing with the MAC school. However, things changed as the Early Signing Window with the Hokies seeing a trio of interior offensive linemen leave the team as Joe Kane and John Harris entered the transfer portal while Will Pritchard medically retired from football.

That increased the need for the Hokies to add an interior offensive lineman leading to Tech offering Moore; a Bowling Green commit at the time, hosting him on an official visit the weekend before the Early Signing Window opened, and landing him days before he signed with VT.

To say it was a whirlwind would be an understatement but most importantly, Tech landed a suddenly much-needed interior offensive lineman that they previously didn't seem likely to have room to take.

So what are the Hokies getting in the 6'3'', 305-pound offensive lineman? Here's a look at his senior highlight tape.

The first thing that stands out is definitely the size and stature that Moore brings to the table. There's no doubt that he has the size to play the position though he definitely has some room to grow physically and athletically. Moore would benefit from a redshirt year to allow for a focus on athletic and physical improvement that would benefit him competing at the highest level of college football.

Moore is a little heavy on his feet and lacks some speed at tackle, but the good news is that won't be as big of a concern given that he will be shift from tackle to the interior.

However, Moore does show some very good reactions off the snap, something that will prove valuable as a run blocker and gaining control of the line of scrimmage to open up holes. Combine that with a great first punch and some explosiveness off the snap and Moore profiles well as a run blocker.

Moore isn't the most athletic player and could have some concerns as a pass blocker especially in any situations where significant space is created. Some of those downsides are offset by the fact that Moore will be moving inside at the collegiate level, but his pass blocking is definitely an area of improvement for his game over the coming years.

The thing that may stand out the most about Moore is the mentality and motor he brings to the table. As much as playing on the offensive line is about strength and technique, the mental aspect of the game is also critical given the constant physicality of the position with it being pretty clear that Moore has that tough mentality on the field.

There aren't many offensive linemen who can come in and play immediately at a high level like Tech had this past season with Doug Nester and Bryan Hudson. While Moore doesn't project as a guy who can avoid a redshirt, you can see that the foundation is there for him to develop into a rotation guy over the next couple years and a starter down the road.

The good news for the Hokies is that they can be patient with the development of someone like Moore who has shown that he has the mentality and toughness coaches want in an offensive lineman.

Kaden Moore may have been a last minute target before the Early Signing Window for Virginia Tech, but the Hokies landed an intriguing interior offensive line prospect who has the mentality and toughness to develop into a quality starter down the road in Blacksburg.

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