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Scouting Report on Virginia Tech OT Signee Parker Clements

VT v UNC 2019 30
Photo Credit: Jake Roth

Our scouting report series on Virginia Tech's 2020 recruiting class continues with three-star OT signee Parker Clements, one of Virginia Tech's two offensive line signings in the 2020 class. Below are the players that we have already covered in this series of scouting reports.

Parker Clements emerged as a Virginia Tech priority by the summer of 2019 with the Hokies consistently being the frontrunner throughout the process. That came together in the fall with Clements committing to the Hokies in November as Tech's first of two offensive line commits in the 2020 class.

Clements gave the Hokies a much-needed offensive tackle commit especially after signing a loaded interior offensive line class in 2019, but one that also didn't include a true offensive tackle. Clements also brings tremendous size for an offensive tackle at 6'7'' and 270 pounds with that frame being one that Tech can work with and mold well.

Clements doesn't have a senior year highlight tape so here's a look at some of his game tapes (see all of his tapes at his HUDL).

There's plenty to like about Clements that goes beyond the higlight tape for him. It starts with the fact that he is fairly light on his feet for a man of his size. While he definitely has room to grow as an athlete, his footwork is definitely a solid foundation for him both in run and pass blocking.

Now Clements does have lots of room to grow getting off the snap especially as a pass blocker as he seems to simply pop up to quickly rather than focus on gaining and maintaing leverage off the snap. This doesn't show up as much in his run blocking where he seems to do a much better job of getting downhil, but there is some room and comfort to grow in as a pass blocker in that area.

His run blocking is definitely the stronger part of his game and he does a good job of embracing his role. In some cases, that is being a pull guy who does a good job of getting across the line and clearing the lane. Sometimes, it's simply to get downhill quickly with Clements doing a good job of using his size to his advantage and gaining leverage against smaller defensive ends and linebackers.

Clements also shows some good hips and twitch ability to be able to plant and move opposing defenders to the opposite side to help clear the hole as the lone guy on his side. That flexibility is another plus for him as a run blocking offensive tackle and shows how he should project at tackle at the collegiate level. This isn't to say that he doesn't have room to grow as a run blocker, but it's clear his run blocking is fairly fundamentally sound.

Now as a pass blocker, Clements has room to grow especially with trying to contain edge rushers. While he does have a good amount of success on the above highlight tape, many of the things he does here will not translate to the collegiate level as a pass blocker including how he pops straight up way too quickly off the line as mentioned above. This is the area where Clements definitely has the most room to grow.

There's no doubt that Clements has lots of potential at the offensive tackle position especially given his natural size. Like most offensive linemen, he's definitely someone who could use a redshirt year both to continue to transofrm himself physically and develop athletically. He also has plenty of work to do as a pass blocker, but shows plenty of promise largely because of the talent he shows as a run blocker.

Overall, Clements definitely has the tools to become a very good starting offensive tackle for the Hokies down the road and could factor into the two-deep within 2-3 years on campus.

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