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Virginia Tech Assistant Zohn Burden Linked With Old Dominion Head Coaching Vacancy

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Virginia Tech will be seeing a lot of Old Dominion on the football over the next decade and while Bobby Wilder won't be coaching those teams, the Monarchs' next head coach may have serious connections to the current Tech football program.

Virginia Tech RBs coach Zohn Burden has been linked with the opening at Old Dominion following the resignation of ODU head coach Bobby Wilder after 13 seasons at the helm.

Burden joined Virginia Tech's coaching staff before the 2015 season after coaching for the Monarchs in various roles from 2007-2010 and 2012-2014. Burden is also a Virginia Beach native, and has a great reputation and knowledge of the 757 that has proved valuable on the recruiting trail for the Hokies.

For Burden, it's definitely a big jump going from a position coach to head coach, but his 757 connections and connections to the Bobby Wilder foundation make him an intriguing name. Additionally, Burden has used the offseason as opportunities to gain various coaching experiences that could prove valuable with this opportunity.

Burden isn't the only Virginia Tech connected name linked with this job as Frank Beamer's son and former Tech assistant Shane Beamer is considered a top candidate for the opening. Shane Beamer is in his second year on staff at Oklahoma after two seasons at Georgia that followed his Virginia Tech tenure. Beamer has a little more experience than Burden with this seeming like a potentially very good fit for a first head coaching job similar to the situation with Burden.

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