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Virginia Tech Football Practice Notes 8/23/23

Keli Lawson 1 VT ODU HT 2022
Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

On a day where Virginia Tech chose to paywall fans out of the QB announcement and other depth chart news via Triumph NIL, the media did receive some practice access albeit only about 15 minutes in what was by far the shortest open practice portion.

Tech has definitely improved access relative to Justin Fuente because it would be hard not to, but they continue to lag significantly behind their ACC peers including fellow big brands like Florida State who seem have to reporters around constantly including when recruiting visitors arrive on campus.

Also, I don't think Justin Fuente would have made Tech fans pay to hear a starting quarterback announcement just like most coaches don't do that. This was a unprecedented, first-of-its-kind move by any team to do a paywall NIL QB announcement and depth chart thing like this that frustrated fans after a 30-minute delay and seemed to be a money-grabbing dud especially since you can only get a couple free livestreams.

This is not the way of the future and if it is, it'll be a sad day that would get eyerolls from the Frank Beamer era and the days of

However, there were a couple interesting things to note for today's practice notes.

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