Virginia Tech Football Recruiting Notes 10/8/20

Virginia Tech Football Recruiting Notes 10/8/20
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

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Oct 08, 2020

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

Virginia Tech lost a commitment from three-star WR Tray Curry earlier this week and may try to add another wide receiver to replace him. Check out our look at a couple wide receiver targets to watch plus an update on a previous defensive tackle target in today's recruiting notes.

3* WR T.J. Huggins

One name that popped to plenty of Hokie minds who follow recruiting after the decommitment of Curry was three-star WR T.J. Huggins from Miami.

Tech has been staying in contact with Huggins though he did tell us that he has received "not a lot" of interest from the Hokies. However, it's clear that Tech has continued to interact with Huggins as someone they'd be interested in adding to their class depending on the numbers.

Curry's decommitment may change the dynamic for the Hokies though it remains to be seen if the Hokies' interest in Huggins actually increases or if it stalls out.

For now though, it's clear that the Hokies are still monitoring Huggins but it remains to be seen if they actually turn up the heat.

3* WR Skyler Bell

It's been well-documented that Tech was very high on three-star WR Skyler Bell out of Connecticut so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Hokies have remained in contact with him since his commitment to Wisconsin.

Bell told us that he's heard from the Hokies a couples times over the past two weeks with the Hokies continuing their weekly contact with Bell. Tech isn't the only school continuing to stay in touch with the Wisconsin commit as Rutgers also remains in contact with him.

Now it's too early to say whether the Hokies have any traction to potentially flip Bell, but it's clear that the Hokies value him highly and are keeping that door open should the opportunity arise. At this point though, it would still be surprising to see him flip from Wisconsin especially given what we've seen with his interest in Wisconsin before committing there especially with a Badgers offer coming around the same time this spring that Bell initially delayed his commitment.

Of course, things can change quickly but this seems like a very, very uphill road for Tech to climb to try to pull off a flip for now.

3* DT Jerrell Boykins Jr

Virginia Tech did show some interest previously in Jerrell Boykins Jr. out of Louisiana as they look to add at least one defensive tackle to their 2021 class. However, the Hokies appear to have cooled their interest significantly in Boykins.

Boykins told us that he has not heard from Virginia Tech since "late August" in a clear sign that Tech appears to have shifted their focus to other defensive tackles who are in more traditional Tech recruiting territories.

This doesn't appear to be too much of a surprise given the recent offer to Ian Mathews and their continued prioritization of Robert Jackson who has the size to play either defensive end or defensive tackle at the next level.

Of course, things can change quickly in recruiting as players grow and develop but it appears that the Hokies are focusing on other defensive tackles that are closer to home more at this point.