Virginia Tech Head Coach Justin Fuente Will Return in 2021

Virginia Tech Head Coach Justin Fuente Will Return in 2021
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Dec 14, 2020

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

A source has confirmed to me that Virginia Tech head coach Justin Fuente will return for the 2021 season.

The source confirmed to me that the decision was Whit Babcock's to stick with Justin Fuente as the head coach with Fuente making his case successfully that he can turn things around in 2021.

However, it is unclear at this time if there will be staff changes with plenty of fan pressure for Fuente to make a change at offensive coordinator.

Justin Fuente is 38-26 during his tenure to date at Virginia Tech leading the Hokies to 3 seasons with 8+ wins including a 10-4 debut campaign in 2016 where the Hokies won the ACC Coastal and Fuente earned ACC Coach of the Year honors.

Virginia Tech also had their first overall losing season since 1992 in 2018 at 6-7 and their first losing regular season this year at 5-6 since 1992. Those recent struggles led to Fuente being on the hot seat but Virginia Tech has decided to retain him for 2021.

It is unknown if Tech's 33-15 against Virginia to reclaim the Commonwealth Cup helped him save his job though it definitely didn't hurt.

We will have more as this story develops.