Virginia Tech Basketball Loses All Three of Their 2019 Commits

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP | Dec 01, 2017
Last fall, Buzz Williams and Virginia Tech surprised just about everyone in the college basketball recruiting world when 2019 recruits BJ Mack, Kobe Langley, and Keyshaun Langley all committed to VT the same night. At that time, no one knew if that trio would end up signing with the Hokies. Now, it appears that won't be the case. BJ Mack, Kobe Langley, and Keyshaun Langley all decommitted from Virginia Tech this afternoon with all three tweeting out their decommitments as well. Mack and Kobe Langley also tweeted out the same decommitment messages on Twitter. The Hokies have offered a few 2019 recruits recently, which could have been a sign that this was coming. VT likely will be able to take a large class that cycle, but the fact that the Hokies were continuing to offer guys, including others at their positions, should have been a sign that something could be coming. For the Hokies, this isn't a major loss and allows them to reset their 2019 recruiting as Mack and the Langley twins were all outside the top 150 in recruiting rankings. Virginia Tech has a large group of targets for that class including five-star big man Armando Bacot out of Richmond. Virginia Tech and this trio of players have parted ways through a series of decommitments that surprised many, but feel mutual as this trio is ready to look around and see what options are available.

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