Virginia Tech Makes Significant Commitment to John Szefc

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP | Jun 17, 2017
Today, the Virginia Tech Hokies introduced John Szefc as their new baseball head coach to the media and Hokie Nation. Today's announcement also included the release of contract details that provided some insight into the increased coaching investment the Hokies are making and shows the significant commitment they are making to their new manager. John Szefc received a seven-year deal to be the Hokies' head coach with Virginia Tech paying him $400k in year with that total rising to $600k by the final year in this deal. For comparison, Pat Mason made around $150k this past season before he was let go. Szefc's contract is the latest example of how the Hokies are making a significant increase in their investment in baseball from the major English Field renovation to this massive increase in coaching salaries. Szefc's contract also shows how Whit Babcock and Virginia Tech are making a significant commitment to Szefc as their next head coach given the major contract they are giving him that is unlike any VT has given to the head of their baseball program before. Of course, the massive commitment that the Hokies are making to the Szefc and the baseball program isn't going unnoticed by Szefc as he mentioned in his opening remarks at today's press conference.
"When you step foot on this campus, it doesn’t take long to realize how committed the administration is to being competitive and developing student athletes on and off the field."
With the English Field renovations and the significant contract given to bring in a coach the caliber of John Szefc who got Maryland to 3 NCAA Tournament and 2 Super Regionals in five seasons including the first NCAA Tournament in over 40 years, it's clear that Whit Babcock and the Hokies are making a serious commitment to having a competitive baseball program unlike any other time in the program's history. The commitment to a seven-year contract also makes it clear that Szefc is committed to building a strong program at Virginia Tech for more than just a couple years as he did at Maryland and Marist. While Szefc's salary is still below the average salary in the ACC, the Hokies have made another statement today to all of college baseball that they are committed to build Virginia Tech's baseball program bigger and stronger than at any previous time in the program's history.

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