Virginia Tech Without 11 Players Including Multiple Starters vs. #9 Miami

Virginia Tech Without 11 Players Including Multiple Starters vs. #9 Miami
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Nov 14, 2020

Photo Credit: Jake Roth

Virginia Tech will be without double-digit players for the first time in weeks including a pair of starters in Jermaine Waller and Emmanuel Belmar.

Waller has only played in 2 games so far this season against North Carolina and Liberty with neither coming in consecutive weeks. With Waller out, expect Dorian Strong and Brion Murray to start for the Hokies at cornerback with Armani Chatman likely to be the top backup.

Belmar is out for the third-straight game with Amare Barno expected to start once again in Belmar's place at defensive end. With TyJuan Garbutt also being out, Jaylen Griffin and Robert Wooten are likely to be the top backup defensive ends behind Barno and veteran Justus Reed.

Evan Fairs and Keshon Artis are the most notable other absences with Changa Hodge likely to be the top backup wide receiver and Artis rarely playing on defense so far this defense as the fourth linebacker.

What is notable is who is not listed including Khalil Herbert, James Mitchell, and Rayshard Ashby; all of whom had questions about their availabilities going into this game. However, Mitchell was not announced pregame last week as being out so it remains to be seen if those guys will play for sure.

The Hokies aren't alone in dealing with absences as Miami is also without 13 players today.

That also includes talented starting linebacker Zach McCloud, the senior leader in the heart of the Miami defense. Also on that list are 5 Miami offensive linemen including starting left tackle John Campbell Jr, starting left guard Jakai Clark, and backup Jalen Rivers.

What is notable is that Miami star TE Brevin Jordan, who has missed multiple games recently, will make his return today at least at this point though we'll see once kickoff arrives there as well.