2022 WR Dakota Twitty Discusses His Junior Day Visit to Virginia Tech

2022 WR Dakota Twitty Discusses His Junior Day Visit to Virginia Tech
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Jan 26, 2020

Virginia Tech and 2022 WR Dakota Twitty have both shown plenty of mutual interest which has included Twitty visiting one of Virginia Tech's Belk Bowl practices. This weekend, Twitty made the trip to Blacksburg for Tech's Junior Day as he tweeted and told us.

"It was great. I really got to spend time and talk to the coaches, and I got to tour the whole campus for the first time. Then we capped it off with some basketball," Twitty said.

That included spending time with WRs coach Jafar Williams which was "great" as the two were able to "talk football 1 on 1." Additionally, he got to spend time with his primary recruiter, TEs coach James Shibest, as the two were able to catch up about Twitty has been doing both in football and in basketball.

Additionally, Twitty told us that the campus stood out the most to him as he "really liked the school" and added this on why specifically those things stood out for him.

"How it kind of feels like where I live now like it’s not in the middle of a booming city, it’s kind of isolated. I feel like that would bring a sense of family," Twitty said.

Overall, Twitty told us that his visit continued to improve his view of Virginia Tech as he told us.

"The more I go there, the more I like it there," Twitty said.

Of course, the big question that remains is when Virginia Tech will offer the talented 2022 wide receiver. At this point, Twitty told us that he feels the Hokies are "very close" to extending him an offer as multiple other schools get involved in his recruitment.

That shouldn't come as a surprise given what he brings to the table as a 6'4'' wide receiver with a versatile athletic background playing football and basketball, two things that project extremely well.

Dakota Twitty continues to be impressed by Virginia Tech with the only question left at this point being whether the Hokies will offer him and how soon that will happen. If this visit is any indication, an offer seems inevitable to come.