Three-Star OL Cole Surber Recaps His "Amazing" Virginia Tech Junior Day Visit

Three-Star OL Cole Surber Recaps His "Amazing" Virginia Tech Junior Day Visit
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Jan 17, 2022

Among the numerous talented recruits on campus at Virginia Tech this weekend was one of the best offensive linemen in Virginia in the 2023 class, three-star OL Cole Surber from Northern Virginia.

While the Hokies did not end up offering Surber this past Saturday, the Hokies left quite the impression on him as his response to how his visit went shows.

"It was amazing! To see how connected most of the staff was and how many good people Coach (Brent) Pry has brought onto his staff is incredible. If any recruit were to go there they would be surrounded by supportive staff and friends in their corner through every stage," Surber said.

Surber gave us some insight on what he did during his visit as well.

"We had a chance to take a campus tour, learn about their academics, take photos, and have meetings and learn about our position coaches," Surber said.

Surber spent the most time with OL coach Joe Rudolph along with defensive assistant Shawn Quinn who appears to likely be one of Tech's primary recruiters in Northern Virginia. Surber had this to say about how his time and conversations went with Joe Rudolph.

"Great, I got to know him more as a coach and a person," Surber said.

He also added this on his time and conversations with Shawn Quinn.

"Great, not as much time spent with him as coach Rudolph, but still got a great impression from him. Just a great guy all around," Surber said.

So what stood out for Cole Surber the most during his visit? Well it was due a lot to his time with coaches in personal and larger scale situations.

"What stood out was how the staff, being new, put themselves out there and let us know right away how they would support us, coach us, and prepare us to be the best versions of ourselves," Surber said.

Surber also added that he "loved the facility" and was very pleased with the "really great food" during the visit which, for those wondering, included "grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, salmon, green beans, rice, spaghetti, etc."

So how did this visit impact his recruitment and where Virginia Tech stands in it?

"This showed me how every school has something great about themselves, and VT stands as one of those schools with another great staff that will take care of you. This has impacted my recruitment by showing me that when I choose to go to the school I want to go to, I need to go somewhere where I’m going to feel happy and surrounded by the same energy," Surber said.

So how close does Surber feel that the Hokies are to extending him an offer?

"I don’t know yet, I feel like they are still getting settled. But I know that they’ll keep in contact with me, and who knows maybe something amazing might happen from one of those calls or visits," Surber said.

Keep an eye on Cole Surber as Virginia Tech left a strong impression on him this past Saturday.