Virginia Tech Among 6 Standing Out For Four-Star WR Adonai Mitchell After Recent Offer

Virginia Tech Among 6 Standing Out For Four-Star WR Adonai Mitchell After Recent Offer
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Feb 24, 2020

Virginia Tech has sent out their fair share of offers since the 2021 recruiting class became the class with the nearest Signing Day. That included extending an offer to four-star WR Adonai Mitchell last week.

Mitchell told us that he was "very excited" to receive the offer during a call from RBs coach Adam Lechtenberg.

This was far from the first contact as Mitchell and Lechtenberg have built a "good" relationship with the two being in contact fairly regularly.

Lechtenberg isn't the only one that's been doing some recruiting of Mitchell for the Hokies as Dematrius Davis has also been talking with Mitchell, a Houston native who only recently moved to Tennessee.

Adonai Mitchell credits Davis as a guy who "really set it off" in terms of the Hokies having legitimate interest in him. He also had the chance to really meet and build a relationship with Davis at a 7-on-7 tournament in the desert recently.

"I just met him at our recent 7on7 tournament in Vegas. He (Dematrius Davis) and I were on the same team and we became cool over the weekend," Mitchell said.

Mitchell also told us that he has plenty of interest in the Hokies with plans to visit Virginia Tech later this spring when Dematrius Davis will also be on campus.

"I definitely have good interest in VT for sure. I'll be at their spring game in April when Dee (Dematrius Davis) goes," Mitchell said.

Additionally, Mitchell told us that Virginia Tech is among six schools currently standing out in his recruitment along with Tennessee, Baylor, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Memphis. He had this to say about why the Hokies are currently standing out for him.

"I’ve always liked VT, so when they offered, I had to put them amongst that type," Mitchell said.

One thing that could benefit Virginia Tech is the fact that the Hokies have given wide receivers the opportunity to earn playing time, something that appeals to Adonai Mitchell. Even if Mitchell doesn't play a full season, he wants to be at a place that will get him 4 games of experience and redshirt him at minimum.

"Playing early is a big part of finalizing my decision. I either want to play the whole season as a true freshman or play 4 games, redshirt, and start the next year potentially. So if i have a chance to play early at a school like that, I'd definitely lean that way a little," Mitchell said about early playing time and VT's recent history of given WRs a fair chance to earn it.

What's clear is that there is lots of mutual interest between Virginia Tech and Adonai Mitchell thanks in part to Dematrius Davis.