Virginia Tech CB Commit Nykelius Johnson Announces Decision to Enroll Early

Virginia Tech CB Commit Nykelius Johnson Announces Decision to Enroll Early
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Jul 25, 2020

Photo Credit: Jake Roth

Nykelius Johnson made some notable news today as he became, as far as we know, the first Virginia Tech commit to publicly state his intentions to enroll early in Blacksburg.

Johnson told us that he made the decision this past January, but waited till now to announce the news. He had this to say about why he decided to enroll early at Virginia Tech.

"I felt like it was a great opportunity and it was a good time for me to get the jump on things," Johnson said.

Additionally, Johnson had this to say about how he feels he can benefit from arriving at Virginia Tech at the beginning of 2021 rather than next summer.

"I feel like I would be used to everything football and school wise. I would know where everything is at on campus and I can get a jump in the playbook for football," Johnson said.

Of course, choosing to enroll early does mean that Johnson has to sacrifice some things whether that's competing as a spring athlete at hish high school or missing out on his senior prom. However, there were a couple closer to home things that were the toughest things to give up in his decision to enroll early.

"The hardest thing to give up was probably leaving friends and family, and not being around during summer because as a high school kid, you look forward to summer with your friends but I won’t be around," Johnson said.

Johnson is unlikely to be the only Virginia Tech commit to make the decision to sacrifice those things in pursuit of his dreams both at the collegiate level and of reaching the pros. While some who have the choice will likely stay through the summer, others will make the decision to follow Johnson's lead especially players from states that don't have football in the fall this year potentially being more eager to jump to the next level sooner.

Looking ahead, Johnson is getting ready for what is still scheduled to be a fall 2020 high school football season in South Carolina with Johnson's goals focused on being a leader and pushing himself, and his team, to be the best they can be.

"My goals are to play hard and be a leader for my guys. As a team. I just want us to practice and play with no regrets," Johnson said.

What's clear is that Nykelius Johnson will be looking to set the tone for his time in Blacksburg by finishing his high school career off well prior to his early arrival.