Virginia Tech Currently Standing Out For Three-Star OL Lance Williams

Virginia Tech Currently Standing Out For Three-Star OL Lance Williams
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Dec 31, 2021

Brent Pry's primary focus may be on the transfer portal at the moment, but Pry and his Virginia Tech staff are also laying plenty of the groundwork for their 2023 recruiting. That includes three-star OL Lance Williams out of Tennessee who has already heard from defensive assistant Shawn Quinn who has a tie to Williams' family.

"VT football sends mail to me constantly. Coach Shawn Quinn was in contact with me as soon as he got there. He actually played college football with my dad so I’m looking forward to meeting him," Williams said.

Williams added that his conversations with Shawn Quinn have gone well so far and has him looking to visit Blacksburg soon.

"Good. He has invited me to Jr. Day. He says they want to get me back up there to meet the rest of the new staff. I had a really great relationship with Coach Vice, but I’m looking forward to meeting the new staff," Williams said.

Quinn has also been driving home the new facilities at Virginia Tech in conversations with Williams along with the staff's desire for him to visit and meet the new coaches.

"He wanted to make sure I knew about all the upgrades and additions to the facilities they are getting. He wants me to see all of that, and wants me to come for Junior day and spring ball," Williams said.

When Williams does visit Virginia Tech, there's also something else that he wants to see due to his family ties to Shawn Quinn.

"It’s cool that he was my dad’s teammate in college. My dad played O-Line and Coach Quinn played D-Line. We may need to see a 1 on 1 when we get back up there," Williams said.

The good news for Virginia Tech's new staff is that Lance Williams already has loads of interest in the Hokies with Williams telling us that Tech is currently standing out for him. He also mentioned West Virginia and Cincinnati as a couple others who are currently standing out for him.

He had this to say about why VT is around the top of his recruitment currently.

"Originally because of my relationship with Coach Vice. But I really enjoyed the game atmosphere there. New Facilities are going to be great. Location is good. Not too far from home," Williams said.

What is clear at the moment is that Virginia Tech is in a strong position for Lance Williams with Shawn Quinn taking the baton and continuing to keep the Hokies right there in the hunt for one of the best linemen in Tennessee.