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Virginia Tech Excited About Quarterback Continuity With Kyron Drones

Kyron Drones 1 VT Pitt 2023 From VT
Photo Credit: Virginia Tech Athletics

It feels like it had become an offseason tradition for Virginia Tech to have some sort of quarterback battle leading up to the next season. It was commonplace during the Justin Fuente era and continued for the first two years of Brent Pry era with Grant Wells vs Jason Brown in 2022 and Grant Wells vs Kyron Drones in 2023.

However, this offseason will be different than the first two of the Brent Pry era and most of the offseasons over the past decade at Virginia Tech, breaking that recent tradition.

Why? The Hokies already have a clear #1 incumbent quarterback ready to lead them into 2024 in Kyron Drones.

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