Virginia Tech Football Players Register to Vote

Virginia Tech Football Players Register to Vote
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Sep 03, 2020

Photo Credit: Jake Roth

With the upcoming federal election, there has been a major push across collegiate sports to have athletes register to vote with Virginia Tech following that trend and turning the Beamer-Lawson Practice Facility into a voter registration place for their athletes today.

It's fantastic to see this program, and many others across the country, do something like this to not only preach it but also make it easier for athletes to do so within their busy schedules. These athletes also spend most of the year in Blacksburg or their respective college town so being registered to vote in that community is important especially since that is really your home rather than where you came from to school.

To see this happen is a reflection of the Ut Prosim motto at Virginia Tech being embraced in being involved in the local community.

Just like Virginia Tech and numerous others have, we encourage you to make sure you are registered to vote and do so if you are not already. We also encourage you to check all your possible options for voting including absentee, early voting, and mail-in options; and make sure that you know where your precinct is if you plan to vote on Election Day and not prior.