Virginia Tech Leads for Three-Star DB Tyrin Taylor After Recent Visit

Virginia Tech Leads for Three-Star DB Tyrin Taylor After Recent Visit
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Feb 10, 2020

The weekend before Virginia Tech's big 2020 February Junior Day/official visit weekend, the Hokies hosted a more low profile Junior Day that included some talented players like three-star DB Tyrin Taylor.

Taylor's visit went well with Virginia Tech emerging as the leader after his visit. He had this to say on why the Hokies lead in his recruitment.

"Because of everything they have in store. It is Virginia Tech which is a huge university and great university to play at especially with the history and players that are even there now. Former players come back everyday which shows you it is a great university. Also, the coaches are superior and great people I could hand my future too," Taylor said.

As mentioned above, Tyrin Taylor's January 25th visit went quite well as he tweeted and told us.

"It was fantastic, I finally got to see the campus and everything VT has in store," Taylor said.

During his visit, Taylor had the chance to talk with coaches, tour facilities, take part in a photoshoot, and play some basketball with coaches, players, and recruits. Tyler also got to spend lots of time with plenty of coaches including head coach Justin Fuente, defensive coordinator Justin Hamilton, TEs coach/area recruiter James Shibest, and CBs coach Ryan Smith.

Taylor's time with Justin Fuente went well with Taylor gaining lots of confidence that he could trust Fuente with his football future.

"It was nice. He Is a great man and a person I would love to hand my next 3-4 years too," Taylor said.

Taylor also spent some good time with Justin Hamilton who he has built a strong relationship with.

"It was great. We always have had a good bond since we met," Taylor said.

Taylor also had the opportunity to spend time with new cornerbacks coach Ryan Smith with Taylor coming away very impressed with him.

"It was sweet. he is amazing not at just coaching football but an amazing person as well. He knows what he is doing and will be a great asset to the VT defense and my recruiting," Taylor said.

James Shibest has been leading the charge in Tyrin Taylor's recruitment with Taylor's time with Shibest doing well.

"Great, I communicate with him the most on Twitter. I’ve built a good bond with him," Taylor said.

Overall, Taylor's time with the coaches went well and was part of what stood out along with the whole environment at Virginia Tech.

"Basically, the family atmosphere they have up there, and the emphasis they have on life after football. It wasn’t just about football. Also, some of the new coaches and their scheme," Taylor said.

As mentioned earlier, this visit clearly made a difference with Taylor with him telling us that Virginia Tech "may be my future home."

Virginia Tech has emerged as the top contender, but North Carolina and Wake Forest are also teams to keep an eye on in his recruitment. However, the Hokies have planted their flag in the ground and clearly have the momentum currently.

Virginia Tech leads for Tyrin Taylor with the Hokies being in great shape for the long, athletic three-star DB who could be a big part of their 2021 recruiting class.