Virginia Tech Offers Mississippi State WR Commit Brandon Buckhaulter

Virginia Tech Offers Mississippi State WR Commit Brandon Buckhaulter
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

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Oct 28, 2020

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

Virginia Tech has extended a couple recent offers to recruits committed to other Power 5 schools including one to three-star Mississippi State WR commit Brandon Buckhaulter from Flowood, MS.

Buckhaulter told us that receiving an offer from Virginia Tech was "shocking" and that he "wasn't expecting an offer, honestly."

Buckhaulter received the offer during a phone conversation with WRs coach Jafar Williams, another indication on how much Tech plans to prioritize Buckhaulter as a WR target. He described his conversation with Williams as "exciting" overall beyond just the offer portion.

Prior to receiving an offer from Tech, Buckhaulter hadn't heard much from the Hokies, but he's excited to learn a lot more about Tech.

"I never really looked into the school and I never thought they would offer me, but I would love to visit the school and learn more about the school," Buckhaulter said.

The offer to Brandon Buckhaulter makes a lot of sense as well as the Hokies are looking for a taller, bigger receiver to add to their 2021 class after losing a commitment from Tray Curry.

Buckhaulter fits that mold at 6'3'' and 220 pounds according to 247 Sports with Brad Cornelsen loving to utilize bigger receivers in his offense especially on 50-50 balls with TE James Mitchell in that role this season, and Damon Hazelton and Eric Kumah being used that way in the past.

Tech's coaching staff has also made it clear to Buckhaulter that they feel he would be a perfect fit in their offense.

"They need a big physical receiver, and the coaching staff thinks I fit perfect in the offense," Buckhaulter said.

Buckhaulter also has the stats to back that up with 13 receiving touchdowns and 528 receiving yards in 8 games so far this season. The high volume of touchdowns is also a great plus for a bigger receiver who would likely project to be a red zone target as well.

Of course, all of that is great but the question is does Virginia Tech have a legitimate chance of flipping a player committed to the in-state Mississippi State Bulldogs? Well not only is Buckhaulter "considering them as an option" but this Tech offer also does have an impact on the strength of his commitment to Mississippi State currently.

"It affects it a lot actually because I’ve always wanted to go to school out of Mississippi deep in my heart," Buckhaulter said.

Tech isn't alone in trying to flip Buckhaulter from Mississippi State as Ole Miss is also trying to do so. Tech does stand out as the out-of-state school still involved and based on his comments, it's clear that they have actually may have a realistic chance to do so.

Virginia Tech is looking to flip a couple recruits committed elsewhere as they add the final pieces to their 2021 class with the Hokies having an opportunity to flip Mississippi State WR commit Brandon Buckhaulter and fill a major need at WR in the 2021 class.