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Virginia Tech Pushing Hard For Three-Star DE Mattheus Carroll

Recruiting can be the ultimate game of survival with numerous teams looking to end up as the sole survivor for their top targets. Virginia Tech is hoping that will be the case in their pursuit of three-star DE Mattheus Carroll.

One reason why VT can be hopeful that they can be the sole survivor for Carroll is the fact that Carroll has built a strong bond with defensive line coach Bill Teerlinck that's rooted in part in their common interest in a popular reality TV show.

"It's great. Coach and I just connected on a personal level with our shared interest in the show Survivor," Carroll said.

Carroll has also built a strong relationship with head coach Justin Fuente who has come alongside Teerlinck in prioritizing Carroll.

"It's great. Now that I've gotten to know Coach, I believe and trust in him. He now knows me on a personal level and so do I. I think we’ve built a great relationship," Carroll said.

Their pursuits have clearly caught Carroll's attention with Carroll telling us that the Hokies are currently recruiting him the hardest and VT being in contact with him "maybe 4-5 times" per week.

This comes as Carroll has also taken some virtual visits recently including ones to Virginia Tech, Louisville, Duke, Cincinnati, and Temple. Additionally, the Hokies hosted Carroll on a visit on March 1st that went quite well, something that could prove advantageous given the current circumstances.

More than that, being the only school that has hosted him both in-person and virtually in 2020 could prove to be advantageous given how Carroll is looking at making his decision sooner than he originally planned and before the end of the dead period.

"It definitely will be sooner than I originally hoped for which was July-August," Carroll said.

Carroll has a very good idea about what the most important things will be for him in making his decision.

"Academics, maximizing my development on the field, and lastly a place where I feel at home with the coaches, university, and players," Carroll said.

Virginia Tech appears to meet what's most important for Mattheus Carroll especially with his bond with the coaches and the proven experience of Bill Teerlinck. However, the Hokies still have some challengers to fend off in pursuit of their goal of being the sole survivor to land Carroll.

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